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  • Products

    • Release Notes and Upgrades

    • IT Service Management

      • Asset Management

      • Benchmarks

      • Change Management

      • Continual Improvement Management

      • Contract Management

      • Expense Line

      • Incident Communications Management

      • Incident Management

      • ITSM Guided Setup

      • ITSM Virtual Agent

      • On-Call Scheduling

      • Problem Management

      • Procurement

      • Product Catalog

      • Release Management

      • Request Management

      • Service 360

      • Service Catalog

      • Service Desk

      • Service Level Management

      • Service Portfolio Management

      • Software Asset Management Foundation plugin

      • Vendor Performance Management

      • Walk-up Experience

      • Coaching

    • IT Operations Management

      • Cloud Insights

      • Cloud Management

      • Configuration Automation

      • Discovery

      • Event Management

      • Operational Intelligence

      • Service Mapping

    • IT Business Management

      • Application Portfolio Management

      • Cost Management

      • Demand Management

      • Enterprise Release Management

      • Financial Management

      • IT Program Management

      • Personal Task Management

      • Project Portfolio Management

      • Project Portfolio Suite

      • Project Portfolio Suite with Financials

      • Resource Management

      • Software Development Lifecycle

      • Test Management

      • Time Card Management

      • Rate Model

    • Governance Risk and Compliance

    • Now Platform Custom Business Applications

      • Application Tools

      • Automated Test Framework

      • Business Rules

      • Creating Applications

      • Inbound REST web service

      • Inbound web services

      • JavaScript API reference

      • Manage Business Applications

      • ODBC driver

      • Outbound REST Web Service

      • Outbound SOAP Web Service

      • Outbound Web Service

      • Outbound Web Service Logging

      • Perl API

      • REST API reference

      • Scripting

      • Scripted REST APIs

      • Scripted SOAP web services

      • SOAP web service

      • Service Creator

      • Studio

      • Team Development

      • Update Sets

      • Web Services

    • Customer Service Management

      • Communities

      • Customer Service Management

      • Field Service Management

    • HR Service Delivery

      • HR Service Delivery Non-Scoped

    • Other Service Management

      • Application Designer

      • Coaching Loops

      • Customer Support

      • Facilities Service Management

      • Finance Service Management

      • Legal Service Management

      • Marketing Service Management

      • Planned Maintenance

      • Skills Management

      • Structured Problem Analysis

    • Software Asset Management

      • Software Asset Management

    • Now Platform Administration

      • Administration

      • Core Configuration

      • Currency fields

      • Data Management

      • Events

      • Form Administration

      • Integrations

      • Lists

      • Localization

      • Normalization Data Service

      • Platform Field Administration

      • Platform Performance

      • Platform Security

      • Search Administration

      • State Model

      • Table Administration

      • Time Cards

      • Time Configuration

      • User Administration

      • Upgrades and conversions

    • Now Platform Capabilities

      • Agent Intelligence

      • Legacy Chat

      • Compliance

      • Configuration Management

      • Connect

      • Content Management System

      • Contextual Search

      • Data Certification

      • Dependency Views

      • Edge Encryption

      • External Credential Storage

      • Flow Designer

      • IntegrationHub

      • Knowledge Management

      • Live Feed

      • Managed Documents

      • MetricBase

      • MID Server

      • Notifications

      • Notify

      • Orchestration

      • Password Reset Application

      • Response Templates

      • Self Service

      • Service Administration

      • Service Portal Designer

      • Service Portal Widgets

      • Subscription Management

      • Survey Management

      • Task Communications Management

      • Templated snippets

      • Timeline Visualization

      • Virtual Agent

      • Visual Task Boards

      • Visualizations

      • Workflow

      • Decision Tables

      • Advanced Work Assignment

    • Now Platform User Interface

      • Embedded Help and Guided Tours

      • Homepages

      • Navigation and UI

    • Performance Analytics and Reporting

      • Dashboards

      • Performance Analytics

      • Reporting

      • Spotlight

    • Security Operations

      • Carbon Black Incident Enrichment integration

      • Carbon Black integration

      • Check Point Anti-bot – Email Parser integration

      • Configuration Compliance

      • CrowdStrike Falcon Host integration

      • Crowdstrike Falcon Intelligence integration

      • Elastic Search integration

      • HPE Security ArcSight integration

      • IBM QRadar Integration

      • Intel McAfee EPO integration

      • Intel McAfee ESM integration

      • Microsoft Exchange On-Premises integration

      • OPSWAT Metadefender integration

      • Palo Alto Networks Integration

      • Qualys Cloud Platform Integration

      • Recorded Future integration

      • Security Incident Response

      • Security Incident Response Analysis

      • Security Incident Response Creation

      • Security Incident Response integrations

      • Security Incident Response Integration Hub

      • Security Incident Response Orchestration

      • Security Incident Response Reporting

      • Security Incident Response setup

      • Security Operations Have I Been Pwned? integration

      • Security Operations Integration Reference

      • Security Operations Integrations

      • Security Operations Orchestration

      • Security Operations Whois integration

      • ServiceNow Security Operations add-on for Splunk

      • Splunk – Incident Enrichment integration

      • Tanium Endpoint Platform Integration

      • Threat Integration

      • Threat Intelligence

      • Threat Intelligence Orchestration

      • Trusted Security Circles

      • VirusTotal integration

      • Vulnerability Response

      • Vulnerability Response Orchestration

      • Rapid7v6 vulnerability integration

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You can use REST interfaces to access data on your instance.

  • Agent Presence API

    Use the Agent Presence API to get or set agent presence and channel availability.

  • Agent Intelligence API

    Use the Agent Intelligence API to predict a field value based on one or more input fields and a trained solution.

  • Aggregate API

    The Aggregate API allows you to compute aggregate statistics about existing table and column data.

  • Application Service API

    Create, modify, and update application services using REST APIs.

  • Attachment API

    The Attachment API allows you to upload and query file attachments.

  • Change Management API

    The Change Management API provides REST APIs that enable third-party application integration with the ServiceNow Change Management process.

  • CI Lifecycle Managment API

    Provides the ability to manipulate CI operational states and apply CI actions.

  • CMDB instance API

    Perform create, read, update, and delete operations on existing CMDB tables. Only one record can be inserted, updated, or deleted at a time.

  • CMDB meta API

    Use the CMDB meta API to obtain meta data on a CMDB class.

  • Customer Service Management API

    The Customer Service Management (CSM) REST API enables you to retrieve account, case, contact, and consumer CSM records, and create and update case, contact, and consumer records.

  • Email API

    With the Email API you can receive and send email messages using REST.

  • IdentifyReconcile API

    The IdentifyReconcile API uses the Identification and Reconciliation framework to minimize creation of duplicate CIs and to reconcile CI attributes by only accepting information from authorized sources when updating the CMDB.

  • Import Set API

    The Import Set API allows you to interact with import set tables.

  • Interaction Management API

    Use the interaction management API to create interactions.

  • Major Incident Management API

    Use the Major Incident Management API to perform read operations for major incident.

  • MetricBase Time Series API

    Use the MetricBase Time Series API to insert data into, retrieve information from, and to run transforms against a MetricBase database.

  • Performance Analytics API

    The Performance Analytics REST API enables you to query data about Performance Analytics Analytics Hubs.

  • Push Installation API

    The Push Installation API enables you to register and unregister the tokens that enable mobile devices to receive push notifications from an application.

  • Queue API

    Use the Queue API (Advanced Work Assignment) to route a document to a queue.

  • Service Catalog API

    The Service Catalog API lets you access Service Catalog configuration and actions from within the Service Portal.

  • Table API

    The Table API allows you to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on existing tables.

  • Task Communication Management API

    Use the Task Communication Management API to perform read operations for communication plans.

  • User Role Inheritance API

    The User Role Inheritance API allows you to see the roles that a specific user inherited.


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