Organization Management REST API Overview – Technical Documentation – Support

To open technical support cases and share Juniper Message Bundles
(JMBs) with Juniper Support System (JSS), you must first set up an
organization in Junos Space Service Now. An organization represents
a unique ID (also known as site ID) in JSS that is used to identify
customers while providing technical support. After creating an organization,
you can test its connectivity with JSS and even set the submission
of incidents as test cases. If you are a direct customer with multiple
distinct networks, you can use multiple organizations to keep customers
or networks separate.

The organization-management resources
are available at https://[host]/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management.


(HTTP method = GET)


  • application/;version=1
  • application/;version=1

Sample Output

Sample XML Output

<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/organization” />
<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/sites” />
<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/jmbfilterlevels” />
<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/casesubmissionvalues” />
<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/addorganization” />
<collection href= “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/addconnectedmember” />

Sample JSON Output

“servicenow-organization-management”: {
“collection”: [
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/organization”
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/sites”
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/jmbfilterlevels”
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/casesubmissionvalues”
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/addorganization”
“@href”: “/api/juniper/servicenow/organization-management/addconnectedmember”

The organization management service provides the following APIs:

  • Get All Organizations in Service Now
  • Get information about an Organization
  • Add an Organization
  • Check Organization Status
  • Get Information About Sites
  • Get JMB Filter Levels Info
  • Get Case Submission Values
  • Modify an Organization
  • Associate an Address Group with an Organization
  • Delete an Organization by Organization ID
  • Add an End Customer Organization in Partner Proxy Mode
  • Modify an End-Customer Organization in Partner Proxy Mode
  • Update Core File Information for an End Customer
  • View Organization Messages

Modified: 2016-08-11


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