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3scale is an internet technology company that develops API management software. It was co-founded by Steven Willmott and Martin Tantow in 2007. A public beta began in November 2008.[1] The company’s commercial product was released in March 2009.[2] It sells API Management software called 3scale Connect and a premium version that comes with support and an SLA.[3] A set of 3 additional APIs were released in October 2011.[4]

In April 2012, 3scale released[5] a new version of its API Management Platform & Infrastructure including new features and functionalities such as ActiveDocs that are powered by Swagger (framework developed by Wordnik) and allow API providers to create interactive REST documentation out of the box.

In March 2013, 3scale received $4.2M in funding to add extensions to their management product [6]

On June 22, 2016, Red Hat announced the purchase of 3scale and the open sourcing of their software.[7][8]

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  • 3scale Blog


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