Juniper Networks – [NSM API] How to install the Perl client Environment

[NSM API] How to install the Perl client Environment


To be able to use the NSM API functionality introduced in NSM 2008.1, the client environment has be setup and the client PC must meet the requirements described in this article.



Before you can install this client environment, the following software must be installed on your machine:

  • Perl version 5.8.8

    Perl is available (free) at

  • openssl installed under /usr

To install the client environment on a Linux-Unix machine:

  1. Launch cpan as root. Do one of the following:
    • Execute the cpan program: cpan
    • Run the perl -MCPAN -e shell: perl -MCPAN -e shell
  2. Update cpan, accepting all defaults: cpan[1]> install cpan
  3. Install the CPAN bundle: cpan[1]> install Bundle::CPAN
  4. Install Crypt::SSLeay: cpan[1]> install Crypt::SSLeay .
  5. Install LWP: cpan[1]> install LWP
  6. install XML Simple: cpan[1]> install XML::Simple
  7. Install MIME Tools: cpan[1]> install MIME::Tools
  8. Install the MIME Parser: cpan[1]> install MIME::Parser
  9. Install SOAP Lite (do not accept the default): cpan[1]> install SOAP::Lite
  10. Enable HTTPS, MIME, DIME, and Axis2 MIME support.

If SOAP::Lite fails to install, install “version” from cpan.

Please consult the “API guide” documentation available on Juniper support website for the latest information and instruction about system requirements for Windows client:

Once the client environment is ready, verify the API functionality using the following article: KB12730 – How-to verify the NSM SOAP API functionality.

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