API Management: Establish API Gateways

Publish, manage, secure, and analyze your APIs in minutes


The API Management consumption tier is now generally available. It offers serverless API management with instant provisioning, automated scaling, built-in high availability, and pay-per-action pricing.

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Learn how Azure API Management is the key to opening new channels to customers and monetizing your data and services.

Create an API gateway and developer portal in minutes

Use Azure API Management as a turnkey solution for publishing APIs to external and internal customers. Quickly create consistent and modern API gateways for existing back-end services hosted anywhere. Expose, publish, and manage microservices architectures as APIs. Better understand and optimize your APIs.

Choose from a dedicated usage model, with a developer portal and preallocated and isolated underlying resources, or a serverless consumption-based usage model, with instant provisioning, automated scaling, built-in high availability, and pay-per-action pricing.

Manage all your APIs in one place

Automate and scale developer onboarding to help get your API program up and running quickly. Use a self-service developer portal with an auto-generated API catalog, documentation, and code samples. Manage developers’ access and usage, and provide them with API usage reports and an interactive console for API testing.

Secure and optimize your APIs

Expose all APIs behind a single static IP and domain. Secure your APIs using a key, token, and IP filtering. Enforce flexible and fine-grained quotas and rate limits, modify the shape and behavior of your APIs using policies, and improve latency and scale your APIs with response caching.

Gain insights into your APIs

Get a better understanding of how your APIs are performing and being used. Simplify and optimize requests and responses using transformation policies. Get near-real-time analytics reports to identify trends that might affect your business, plus log request and response data for online and offline analysis.

Connect to back-end services anywhere

Securely connect to back-end services built and running on any technology stack, whether you select Azure or another service to host your APIs. API Management is available worldwide and ready to scale up and down on demand to handle any traffic growth or spike.

Learn how companies are benefiting from API Management


Seamlessly integrate applications through APIs, workflows, messaging, and events


Master the challenges inherent in building, maintaining, managing, and exposing APIs


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Turn your data into a competitive edge by exposing your APIs

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