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API authentication requests require a unique API key, generated in Coupa.

All API requests must pass an X-COUPA-API-KEY header with an API key. A key can be created from the API Keys section of the Administration tab by an admin user. The key is a 40-character long case-sensitive alphanumeric code. The API key is associated with an API user who is the equivalent of an admin user in Coupa. Any changes to resources via the API are attributed to the API user.

In addition to the key, all API requests must also pass the ACCEPT header with value set to application/xml.

Using the Coupa API, you can execute advanced queries to quickly identify and pull the data that you require.

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The Coupa API allows certain operators and arguments to be used, for example, GET Supplier based on Name (prefix, suffix, and so on) or Creation Date.

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