Tech Support Case Management REST API Overview – Technical Documentation – Support

Technical support cases fetch all cases for all site IDs present
in Service Now. Information is via JSS through internal calls.The case-management resources are available under https://[host]/api/juniper/servicenow.


https://[host]/api/juniper/servicenow/case-management (HTTP
method = GET)


  • application/;version=1
  • application/;version=1

Sample Output

Sample XML Output

<collection href=”/api/juniper/servicenow/case-management/cases” rel=”cases”/>

Sample JSON Output


The tech support case management service provides the following

  • Get All Tech Support Cases
  • Get Information About a Technical Support Case
  • Update a Technical Support Case by Case ID
  • Upload Attachment to Case by Using SCP
  • Upload Attachment to Case by Using HTTP
  • View a Tech Support Case in Case Manager

Modified: 2016-08-10


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